Criminal Defence

If you have been charged with a crime or provincial offence you need effective and affordable representation to protect your rights and freedom.

About Criminal Defence

A criminal record can be devastating to your life. If you find yourself charged with a criminal offense, and do not qualify for legal aid, you need professional help that is both affordable and effective. As a Paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario I am able to represent you on most criminal matters that do not qualify for legal aid.

Do not endure the process alone. I can provide affordable representation and work with you to find the best resolution for your case. My primary goal is to reach a result which does not include a criminal record. These can include:

This is an outcome that is usually reached by negotiations with the prosecution. If a diversion is granted, you do not get a criminal record. You do not enter a guilty or not guilty plea, and the criminal charge is withdrawn entirely if and when you complete certain conditions, such as donating a certain sum of money or doing volunteer work.

Conditional discharge
This is very similar to a diversion, except you would usually plead guilty.

You would be acquitted if you were found not guilty after a complete criminal trial, with examination of witnesses and evidence.

No matter which goal I pursue in your criminal defence, my primary aim is to find weaknesses and inconsistencies in the case against you. This can help me to negotiate the best possible resolution and form the most effective criminal defence. Do not go it alone, I promise exceptional and affordable criminal representation for you.

What are your fees?

All litigation is inherently risky and expensive. However, I do not believe that your legal fees have to be. My fee system is based on set rates for each step in the litigation process.

All of my retainer agreements set out in advance, and up front, what the cost will be. This gives you the power to decide if you want to retain me with full knowledge. With me there is no fear of a surprise bill at the end, just peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by a professional at a price you already agreed to.

The exact prices are based on the complexity of the case, the amounts seeking to be recovered, the steps in the process, and the amount of preparation required. However, some general ideas as to rates are as follows:

For representation from first appearance to trial
Between $3,000-$4,500
For trial

Prices exclusive of disbursements, and HST.

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